Welcome to  The Washway Cattery And Small Animal Boarding                

About me and ourCattery:                                 

My husband and i returned to England after living in France for 8 years where we owned and ran a Kennels and Cattery Business.Since returning my husband retired but being a lot younger than my husband i still had to work.We brought a property with a 1/4 of an acre garden so we decided that we would put in planning for at first Small animal boarding to which we converted the garage which was situated in the middle part of our rather long garden.After setting that business up we then put planning in for a cattery building to which we were granted.My husband and i built the cattery building literally from scratch to what it is now and we have been granted our licence to run it as cattery business.

I have had many types of animals since i was young including horses.I have 8 years experience of running a kennels and cattery  and looking after  other peoples cats and dogs as well as my own .I have a diploma in Pet Care/Vet Assistant .I was a registered dog breeder in France.If you see a lady stopping the traffic to rescue an animal in the road that's me ,if you see a lady's bum sticking in the air with a dog cage by her side trying to herd a family of ducks into the cage and take them to safety that's me .When lassie films are on i just boo my eyes out but that's me .We rescued and re-homed many mummy cats  and kittens that were abandoned in France .We ended up keeping  three to which we brought back with us  from France and that happily  live in their own outside cattery pen and enclosure in the garden.We also have dogs which we brought back with us from France but i want to reassure any  worried owners that The cattery Building and the Small animal accommodation is in a separate part of our garden surrounded by 5 ft fencing panels and any boarders cats or small animals can neither see or hear our dogs. Our dogs are forbidden at all times  to enter the cattery and small animal boarding  grounds.