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Im sorry but we are no longer excepting Cheques  payment must be cash only.

Day of Arrival and Day of Departure is charged as one day regardless of the time you bring in or collect your cat/s.(But within our opening hours)

Prices exclude food as we feel it is better if you supply your cat with its normal food  (This avoids tummy upsets due to rapid change of diet)

Prices  Per Day                                                                 

1 x Cat =  £7.50  (single unit)                                                                                                         

2 x Cats = £ 12.50 (Double unit )(Same Family )                                                   

3 x Cats = £17.50 (Single & Double Unit) (Same Family)                            

4 x Cats  =£21.50 ( 2 x Double Units) Same family     

If you wish us to supply the food there will be the additional charge of £1.00 per cat .We use Sanabelle dry food (chicken or Trout) and Felix pouches (All flavours)                                                                                                       

We are a very Small Cattery and at present we  only have 1 x single unit that can accommodate 1 cat  .The single unit will be booked on a first come first served basis.If the single unit is booked  we can accommodate 1 x cat in one of our double units but due to the extra size of accommodation and heating costs the price for a single cat in a double unit will be as follows:

1 x cat   £11.00  per day  

For customers  with  one cat who prefer a double unit price as follows :

1 x cat  £12.00  per day 


Please note: We require a  £20 deposit on first time bookings  and  during the Christmas/New Year periods. This deposit is non refundable.


For Family of 3  we use the single and double chalet combined ,the 2 units are accessed by a large cat flap in the dividing walls  

For family of 4 we use  2 double chalets combined the units are  accessed by a large cat flap in the dividing walls.

If  cats from the same family are not getting along (e.g fighting) ,we will  have no choice but to separate them and place them in one of our other units ,at an extra cost according to the size of unit available at the time.

We recommend that you supply at least 4 days extra food in case of  delays etc .For Cats that are  on vet prescription/special diets that do not have enough food for the duration  of their stay or a specific type of food you feed your cat  we will do our best to get this brand of  food or if not the equivalent . You will be charged a fixed fee of  £10  for time sourcing and transportation  plus  the buying costs .If there is not enough food for the duration of your cat/s stay  we are able to supply  the food we use for the cattery (Sanabelle  dry  chicken  or trout flavours and Felix all flavours ) and this will be charged at an extra £1.00  per cat per day  commencing from the day the food runs out. We are not responsible for any stomach upset/or other  due to not being able to get a specific type of food if you have not supplied enough for the duration of your cats stay.(Please see terms and conditions of boarding)

You are able to bring fresh or frozen food for your cat/s and this will be stored in the appropriate manor.Either in our fridge or the freezer.