We can look after Your :

Small  furries  such as Hamsters, Gerbils, Rats, Birds ,indoor Guinea pigs. You will need to bring them in their normal cages and supply food bedding etc. 

Small furries and Birds £ 3.00  per cage  per night

Indoor Caged Guinea pigs  £3.50 Per Cage per night  ( you will need to supply pellets, vegetables/fruit, bedding and hay) 

We also have 2 indoor spaces  suitable for  guinea pigs or rabbits .

We can board rabbits but only if they are accompanied with your cat. We have  an outside Rabbit Chalet and Rabbit Cottage. We only supply the accommodation so owners will need to bring in their pellets,hay, bedding etc. I am quite willing buy more fresh vegetables/fruit should they run out .Any  monies owed for vegetables/fruit  must be paid back on your return or you could leave extra money when you bring your bunny in.

Rabbits £4.50 per night : Chalet is suitable for  Max 4 Rabbits . Cottage is Suitable  for max 2 rabbits.

Please note: Rabbits must be vaccinated against the following : Myxomatosis ,VHD 1 and VHD 2. 

We do our upmost to care for your  small animals but unfortunately sometimes and without warning   small animals can fall ill  or unfortunately pass so therefore ,Small animals are boarded at the owners risk.

Rabbit Chalet and Rabbit Cottage.