We have 4 units :1 single and 3 double units.Our cattery can only house 7 cats at any one time so we are able to give your cat/s lots of attention and cuddles.It is a fully enclosed cattery with windows that are opened during the summer months.The roof over the runs and corridor is  bronze polycarbonate  sheeting   (with protective sun shield paint )which protects the cats from harm full sun rays whilst still allowing in plenty of light.

We have walk in style sleeping units which are fully insulated and heated with modern panel heaters  ( Temperature  set to never fall below 18 Degrees C  at all times during the winter months in sleeping area )Additional electric oil filled radiators are used in the corridors  in exceptionally cold weather .All the walls are white plastic  which enables them to be washed down and disinfected easily .The flooring is vinyl again which is easy to wash and disinfect .Each sleeping unit has its own wall panel heater it has its own thermostatic/temperature  wall mounted control socket which means we are able to adjust it at anytime according to the weather conditions so you can be sure that your cat/s  will always feel warm and cosy.

Due to  temperatures  recently and at times being  exceptionally high we have now invested in an air conditioning unit ,this means that your cats will be able to stay nice and cool and in a comfortable temperature whilst in the cattery.

Inside each sleeping unit there is a raised shelf with fleece bedding ,a cushion and  blanket , there is also  a chair with cushion this allows your cat to be able to jump up onto the shelf. The double units have 2 shelves one either side,with the chair in-between.The flooring  is vinyl.Each unit has a full height door which can be left open in summer (closed in winter) to which there is also a cat flap  which allows your cats to be able to gain access to the runs 24/7 .(We have now installed bigger cat flaps in the doors for the larger generation of cats )In the  double units the runs are 6 ft x 6 ft which is larger than the normal  double size units,allowing plenty of room for your cat/s to jump around and play .There is a raised viewing shelf ,It has a chair with a cushion to allow cats to jump up onto the shelf plus there is a tiered scratch post/activity centre The single unit  is  3.5 x 6 ft  it does not have a chair but the activity centre is placed next to the viewing shelf to enable to cat to jump up onto it. we are able to make changes to make it easier for elderly or disabled cats to get on and off the shelves according to their ability .Just let us know  and we will make those changes for your cat/s.

The walls on the bottom are solid white plastic and the upper walls is clear acrylic  plastic which acts as a sneeze barrier,they are easily cleaned and disinfected.  Two of the dividing walls have a large lockable cat flap which means we can open it up to accommodate a family of 3 or 4 cats.It is locked when not in use.All the runs have vinyl flooring.There is a safety corridor.

For Safety /fire precautions .Our Cattery building has 2 exit doors.It has a fire extinguisher and  has two smoke detectors that are connected to the mains that in turn are connected to an outside siren with flashing light.

We have a separate isolation unit (this also has an fire extinguisher and mains smoke detector)

All units are supplied with fleece bedding, cushions, triangle soft hiding bed , blankets .and scratch posts . food and water  bowls supplied .You are welcome to bring your own things  such as  plastic beds/bedding ,toys  and scratch posts if you prefer but they must be reasonably clean and we can not be responsible  for lose or damage to any of yours/your cat/s belongings (Please see terms and conditions of boarding)

We are fully Insured (But please note , the insurance does not cover previous or existing injuries or illnesses )

Other information:

We used 2 types of cat litter :Cats best (clumping) and breedercelect  (paper pellets) . Please let us know if your cat has an allergy to any of these types of litter and we can arrange an alternative  (you are welcome to bring your own but your boarding fees will remain the same)

We  feel it is better for Owners  to bring their own cat/s food most important if your  if  cat/s is on a special/veterinary diet .Please make sure that you bring enough food  for the duration of your cat/s stay plus at least 3 extra days in case you are delayed  .

If you wish us to supply the food there is an additional charge of £1.00 per cat per day  we use Felix pouches  all flavours plus Sanabelle  dry food ,your cat/s will be fed twice a day. If  we supply the food, we will not be responsible for any stomach upsets /or other due to sudden change of diet (Please see terms and conditions of boarding.)

I do not mind administrating medication or giving your cat a groom (providing your cat/s tolerate it) but please discuss this with me prior to boarding.

Strict policy :You must make sure your cat/s are fully vaccinated and that they are up to date. Please bring their vaccination certificates  with you on your viewing day  so I can check  dates etc  and also the day you bring your cat/s in for boarding.          Please note :Cats without valid up to date vaccinations will be refused entry. Vaccination certificates must be shown on arrival and before your cat enters the cattery (Please see terms and conditions of boarding)

Your cat/ts must be healthy to come into the cattery ,showing no signs injury or illness .(Please see terms and conditions of boarding)

Please make sure you bring your cat/s into our cattery in a secure and suitable pet carrier (Please see terms and conditions of boarding)

Please note :

New clients who book over the phone and who do not wish to view before booking will be required to pay  a £20.00  deposit .This can be paid by pay pal or bank transfer and needs to reach us as soon as possible to be able to hold a unit for your cat/s .

 The deposit will be deducted from your total boarding fee. But please note the deposit is  non refundable for no shows or cancellations.

All Bookings made by phone or at the viewing  will need to be confirmed by email as soon as possible due to us having  limited space.If bookings are not confirmed  by email within  7 days after the phone booking or viewing, then we can only assume that you no longer wish to board your cat/s with us on those  dates and the unit will become available for others.